UpLiftLIFE is a series of personalised interactive self-help interventions. Designed and developed by MindLife UK, to help people to improve their resilience, confidence and mental capital.

Integrating vast user experience in Australia, the US and UK, these evidence-based interventions combine advanced behavioural and psychological science with the latest mobile, communication and software technology.

Providing the most effective methods and tools for individuals, their advisors and organisations, UpLiftLIFE empowers people to improve their mental health, wellbeing and uplift their life.

UpLiftLIFE – empowering people to improve their mindset, their emotional and physical health, and increasing their ability to enjoy success in life and career.

Apps make improving lives and positive treatment outcomes even more accessible, engaging and effective.


Tuvi Orbach and the MindLife group have a comparable mission. They possess many years’ expertise in converting expert behavioural modification techniques into effective interactive applications for mobile phones and the internet. MindLife developed the first CBT interactive software program to be recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of mild and moderate anxiety and depression.

We pull together vast, proven capability in mental health, behavioural science and technology.


A series of evidenced-based and enjoyable interactive interventions to support users to improve their own mindset, resilience and self-efficacy and readiness for change.

Includes software and tools to support professional user effectiveness whilst reducing time demands.

We’re open to collaborations with like
minded individuals and organisations.

For more information please email: contact@mindlife.net