Through collaboration, not competition, we will achieve much more than if we work alone

We collaborate with other organisations and experts with similar missions to provide solutions which unlock potential and inspire more people to realise their purpose, dreams and aspirations.

By combining our knowledge, resources, methods and skills we expand the possibilities and the potential to achieve our common goals worldwide.


We can help you deliver innovative, cost effective, scalable solutions.

We can rapidly convert existing approaches into interactive, multi-lingual applications, and combine these with our advanced technology and Lifeware modules to create a more effective customised solution.

Our expertise and software platform, and your collaboration, will enable simple, reliable, rapid transformation of existing paper based or face to face approaches into attractive and effective multi-media Apps. The result is efficient and appealing 21st century solutions accessible worldwide and delivered to millions.

Children, Individuals and Communities

We are developing Apps with our partners, to help children, students and all ages learn about themselves, realise potential and nurture good character and qualities for enhancing wellbeing and an enriched meaningful life.

Apps under development will provide self help methods and tools to inspire and enable all to develop core values and life skills for optimum health, well-being, career and purpose in life.

We are also developing solutions to help you find the charities, organisations and people who can help you find the best solutions for your needs.

Experts and Volunteers

Working together increases our potential and contribution to society

We are a flexible foundation welcoming new opportunities and co-operations. We welcome collaboration with you. We are looking for creative people who share our values, and would like to collaborate with us and use their skills to develop life skill applications. We can help you share your unique gifts and expertise, and maximise your potential and contribution for your benefit, and the benefit of our society.

Our Associations:

The University Of Sheffield

The University Of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield (informally Sheffield University or TUOS) is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Its history traces back to the foundation of Sheffield Medical School in 1828, Firth College in 1879 and Sheffield Technical School in 1884. University College of Sheffield was subsequently formed by the amalgamation of the three institutions in 1897 and was granted a royal charter as University of Sheffield in 1905 by King Edward VII.

Esher House

Esher House

Esher House is an Australian based company. Their mission is to make behavioural science scalable and economical for employment services.  Implementing such programs has driven world-leading results with tens of thousands of jobseekers.

Character Scotland

Character Scotland

Creators and managers of the Inspire-Aspire Poster Programme which focuses on helping youth to identify and reflect on personal values and encourages positive character development and future aspirations. We believe character education programs which aid the development of values, virtues and life purpose play a vital role in the education of young people, and are collaborating with Character Scotland to provide interactive Apps and websites for this purpose for students aged 12 plus.

Learning for Well-being & UEF

Learning for Well-being & UEF

(Universal Education Foundation)

Learning for Well-being (L4WB) promotes learning to realize unique potential through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development in relation to self, others and the environment. Using an integrative framework, L4WB and its associated UEF focuses on cultivating capacities and environments that nurture the expression of one’s unique potential; respect the uniqueness and diversity of each individual; emphasise the nature and quality of relationships; and support participation and engagement in one’s community and society. Help2Help collaborates with L4WB and UEF on promoting the importance of learning for wellbeing, and their new responsive website has been developed with our software generator.

The Scientific and Medical Network

The Scientific and Medical Network

The Network seeks to provide a forum for pursuing truth, wherever it leads, to widen the intellectual horizons of science and of society as a whole, to stimulate research at the frontiers of human knowledge and experience, and to make the results of such research more widely known through its educational programmes. The Network is committed to no dogma or creed. It encourages intellectual discernment. In asking searching questions about the nature of life and the role of the human being, the Network abides by its guidelines of open-minded, rigorous thinking and care for others at all times.

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