About Us

Our purpose is to help all enhance their wellbeing, realise potential and enjoy a flourishing life.

We achieve this by developing effective solutions, integrating advanced technology with scientific expert knowledge and human wisdom. We believe in the importance of collaborations and are committed to working with organisations who share our passion and vision. 

Our intention is to provide solutions which maximise impact and potential worldwide, and our planning is driven by this. By enhancing the impact of our partners we enhance the impact of our common goals.

MindLife’s purpose is to enhance lives and empower people to improve wellbeing. We integrate science, advanced psychology and healthcare with innovative digital technology and AI to create appealing effective self-help and blended applications and services.


Tuvi Orbach

With his vast expertise in multimedia technology and heath-care Tuvi drives MINDLIFE forward in our purpose to inspire personal development and help like minded organisations to accomplish their goals. His innovative vision and talent for identifying unmet needs influences modern, creative solutions and advances his and our ethos to strive for a better world, improved in social, psychological and physiological health and happiness. Tuvi has founded, co-founded and held directorships in many companies including:

  • TO Health (formally Health-Smart), a UK company combining science, technology and clinical expertise for monitoring and improving health
  • Ultrasis Plc, a public company trading on the London Stock Exchange, responsible for developing and distributing world leading interactive online solutions for anxiety and depression
  • Sapiens International, trading on NASDAQ
  • Software Incubator, later acquired by JVP, responsible for creating a number of successful high-tech companies
  • Anafa, software house;
  • MindLife, integrating sensor technology with multimedia and healthcare
  • Medeci Developments Ltd, innovators of medical electronics and rehabilitation solutions