Advanced Solutions to Enhance Life

MindLife’s purpose is to help all enhance their wellbeing, realise potential and enjoy a flourishing life.

We achieve this by developing effective solutions, integrating advanced technology with scientific expert knowledge and human wisdom, and by collaborating with experts and organisations who share our passion and vision. Our software platform Ai-Leap, enables rapid development of customised responsive interactive apps and websites, and conversion of face to face assessments and interventions into appealing, scaleable and cost effective self help apps and blended solutions for therapists, clinicians and organisations.


Innovations for Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Self-help and blended interventions personalised to user needs and preferences, and customised tools to suit organisations and professional requirements.


Our collaborations ensure dynamic cutting edge solutions, evidence based and designed to achieve better clinical outcomes and improved wellbeing for patients and self help users.



A series of self-help personalised interventions to improve mental health, wellbeing and uplift life. 

StratCare App

StratCare is an advanced e-Triage stratification tool, designed to assist psychological therapists.


For improving employee wellbeing.  UpLiftTRIAL RCT  to improve NHS employee wellbeing and reduce risk of burnout completed.  


AiOracle is a new dynamic progress feedback system that enables therapists to assess and improve how their patients are responding to treatment for all types of anxiety and depression (including PTSD, etc).


MagicRelief is a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution to help people suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and other digestive problems for which doctors are unable to find any physical cause.

PermHa App

Personalised Mental Health is an online App, designed to assist psychological therapists.

Our Collaborators